About Us

Our mission is to connect B2B data and decision making. Our integrated solution goes beyond just providing answers through reaching market goals – now and in the future. As a decision support partner, we promise our clients continuous flow of “Qualified B2B Opportunities”.

SUA Business Elite is one of the World’s leading result-based B2B market intelligence providers. We are focused on B2B results. We are a goal-achievement-based company.

We understand the new B2B challenges. Our team of data scientists build custom systems that deliver actionable results, providing a continuous stream of qualified opportunities.

Our vision values simplicity, embraces stability, and focuses on growth continuity through primary and actionable data. Our clients are businesses around the globe, who seek to the right business decisions every day. To do that, they have a need to know what is happening now. Through our system, they capture opportunities, when and where they originate.